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2011-10-19 07:06 pm

Runic 001

[Celes really couldn't process what had happen to her or where she was. All she knew was that Kefka has won, he has destroyed the world and she was alone. Instead of letting the loneliness get to her, picks herself up and look around slowly trying to figure out what is it she's going to do. The first thing that crossed her mind was where the hell was she? Being more use to the life of solider. A household   setting was quite a new experience for her. What makes it even weird, There are pictures with her smiling,.....with two children, she had never seen before in her life. Wait? what?]

Can somebody please explain to me? Where am I?

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2011-10-18 05:30 pm
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2011-09-28 07:18 pm
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