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Name: Qui Yue
Personal LJ:Firewater-fairy
Contact Info:
Other Characters Played: n/a
Preferred Housing: With Terra Branford.

Character Name:Celes Chere
Character Series: Final Fantasy VI
Character Age: 18
Personality: Celes is an independent woman and very strong willed, although in the game she seem to develop an emotional dependency on Locke Cole, The dependency she has for him seems to be strong because in one part of the game she felt hurt by his distrust of her when they had raided the magitech research laboratory. Locke Cole believed Kefka Pazzalo lies that she was a spy for the empire.

Celes does show some strength even when she was held captive and was being mock, abuse and ill treated by her fellow soldiers. She still stood up to them and remains defiant. These traits were reforced within her mainly because she was a general at a very early age and she mostly had to rely on herself. Celes is always described as an ice queen mainly because of her retorted to the characters at Narsh. She can be rather cold and cynical at times.

Throughout the game there seem to be a great moral struggle within Celes, she had done some horrible things during her role as general to the empire. But her standards were tested when Kefka poisoned the rivers of Doma Kingdom. Because she spoke out against it, Celes was branded a Traitor. Again she was tested on the floating consentient. Celes was force to choose between serving the empire or her friends. In response to this she stabs Kefka.

Celes is rather a lonely person; she was brought up as a soldier and was never accustomed to having friends. It just now recently Celes had gotten use to having friends although she still seems a little guarded. However her cold attitude softens a little and she just started to open up.

Abilities: Cele’s Abilities are both magical and physical in nature, her special ability is called Runic in which she absorbs magic cast by others around her. She is a very skilled fighter and knows very good battle tactics. Her spells are more defensive in nature, and she learns more status spells. Celes specially learns ice elemental spells.
Sample Entry: [Celes slowly let out a sigh, as tries to left herself up from the ground. Where the hell is this place? She thought to herself. She couldn’t understand this environment; it was so strange to her. Celes however doesn’t want to look vulnerable.]
This…[She could barely formed her words properly, It’s was like she was dumbstruck by what had happen, Kefka had destroyed the world, and probably had killed everyone she cared about. The only true family she had known. But maybe at least Locke could be still alive.]
Locke….Are you There? [She called out hoping for an answer, but heard only the echoes of her own voice. Celes was used to being alone after all, and can take care of herself. She was a former General after all; fear was just something she wasn’t use to.]


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